By Kevin Diamond KV/AFS Racing

When the green flag was shown for the 70-lap race this afternoon, Saavedra remained consistently in the same position. He felt the car had pretty good balance and if anything just a little bit of understeer. However, when he switched to the Firestone alternate (red) tires on lap 17, within 10 laps Saavedra started noticing the rear end of the car was becoming lose and a few laps later pitted early to go back to a new set of black tires. From then on he battled with the cars ahead and withheld pressure from those behind. The team took a gamble to pit when the race went back to green for the third time on lap 45 in the hope that yellows would play in their favor and fuel could then be saved. Unfortunately despite Saavedra managing to work his way up to 10th place and at the same time save fuel, he came up just short on the final lap and had to relinquish positions, to finish 14th. He picked up 16 points in race 1 and sits 19th in the championship with 117 points, 35 away from 10th.

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